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The Problems And Stresses Faced By Teenagers Today
Published By rocketgirl on 2011-05-19 3846 Views

Today's teenagers are alot more different from those of old times. When I say old times I mean the time when, parents ruled their kid's lives and dating was not in fashion. Today's teens are much more independent and smart. Their lives are not ruled by their parents, they rule their own lives( Not to mention the fact that they do screw up alot of times because of this notion). Teenage is the time when a person becomes what he is going to be for the rest of his life (now I know this is from Spider-man but nonetheless its true) And that is why its very important what he does in his teenage years. Teenage is the time when we have the opportunity to lay the foundations of our lives, Whether is strong or weak, that depends upon us, for those who are confused, foundation here  means our character. Character is the most important part of one's personality. Even if a person is intelligent, and good looking and charming, but if his character is weak, the other things in the long run are insignifcant. 

Teenage is also the time which is the most difficult. When we are kids we wish we soon become teens and when we do become teens we wish we could either to back in time or just skip those few years of teenage. Teenage is a time full of problems, difficulties, struggles and mostly confusion. Some of the problems are well known by most of us, fights with parents, studies, peer pressure etc. There are also many other problems, there is the stress of finishing education and that to as per parent's expectations, after that there is the worry of getting into a good college or unviversity and even after that there is the tension of gettinga good job, this is what teenage is actually about worries and tension one after another. Problems seem never ending, there is no one to confide in or who can console you, and over and above all this you also have to cope up with the expectations of your so-called friends or otherwise you will be considered 'uncool'  and will be out of the cool group. I wrote so-called friends because, thats what friends with whom you hang out seem like, and the ones whom you really considered true friends, they just dont belong to the group and so, you just have to give them up (that's what happens in most cases). 

The biggest problem of teenage my friends, are the vivid and frenzied emotions. Emotions which we cannot suppress. Emotions of love, fear, frustration...but most importantly love, During teenage its almost impossible not to get drawn towards someone else, it may be infatuation, just liking or even love, but the feeling is new and believe me its..just overwhelming. You feel like forgetting the rest of the world and just running after that person you are drawn to.

It may create lots of problems or it may help you in someway, but its just unescapable. And so are the other problems, there are a hell lot of other problems that teenagers face in today's world. When I say today's world I mean Today's big bad world where teens are being harrased and abused. Many a times they get into the dark world of drugs and crime, sex and violence, there are many contribution factors to it like, wrong company, crime and sex related literature, or just maybe curiosity or experimentation. The only help you can give them would be guidance and support, mind you when I say guidance, I dont mean lecturing or scolding, that is the wrong methord, teenagers have the tendency to ignore lectures, and scoldings, well its just going to backfire, if you scold a nine year old child he may have some effect but if you scold a fifteen year old boy, the child would take offence and think you're against him. You can be his friend and try to find out more about his(or her) problems, just consoling the child is not enough, parents should try to understand the child, try to be genuinely considerate. Apart from this there is very little parents can do, like I said, its beacuse teens rule their own lives, how they do it without screwing it,is up to them.  

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